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Server Rules

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Official Server Rules
Official Rules Set
Do not deathmatch, killing people for no reason or stupid reasons is not tolerated.
Do not metagame, using OOC information in IC situations is not tolerated.
Do not powergame, do unrealistic stuff or force actions upon players.
Do not refuse to roleplay, roleplay at all times.
Do not bunnyhop, you can't jump tapping space to go faster.
Do not abuse bugs to gain advantage, this is a bannable offense.
Do not use third party tools(hacks) or cheats to gain advantage over other players.
Do not disrespect any member of the community.
Always listen to an administrator or someone with more authority than you.
Treat everyone else with respect, so you can be respected too.(However, you can still be aggressive to them ICly. Metagaming rule still apply.)
Do not tell an administrator of higher level what to do, or how to do their job, they are free to ajail you or simply ignore you.
Administrators aren't above the rules. For example, if you think you can break the rules and an exception will be made because you're Helper or Admin, you're wrong.
Revenge killing is not allowed, thus, you can't kill or attempt to kill someone who killed you early.
Ass-pulling is allowed, no matter what the size of the firearm is.
Do not heal during fights such as using weed in middle of a shootout, or rush towards a sprunk machine to heal.
Don't steal vehicles without roleplay (ninja jack).
Do not use abbreviations ICly such as 'lol' or 'wtf' or smileys or using 'u' instead of 'you'. You may still use them in the SMS function.
Do not spam commands, or spam the chat, since you can be kicked for an admin, spamming is annoying for everyone.
Don't create new accounts to avoid bans or ajails, this is ajail/ban evading and can be a bannable offense.
Quitting to avoid death or roleplay is not allowed, so isn't accepting death to avoid roleplay with any member.
Do not drive or taunt cops (cop bait) in order to provoke them. This is classed as a non-rp action.
You can't evade swimming, you are allowed to swim if you're near the shore so the cops have the chance to taze or shoot you however if you swim to the open ocean you can be punished.
Don't /report for staff positions, these positions are apply-able and asking won't do anything than lower your chances by showing your desperation.
CKing high positions in the government (mayor, chief, director) is not allowed. However, if you have a PERFECT reason to preform the CK, it will be allowed.
The rob limit is placed at $25,000 only. Players who go over the rob limit will get their money taken away, refunded to the other player and an admin-jail.
No one can be judged for a rulebreak that happened before the adoption of a rule by that rule.
A rulebreak is a rulebreak only if it is an offence in the written official rules list.
The scam limit is placed at $50,000 only. Players who go over the scam limit will get an admin-jail and money taken away and returned to the other player.
OOC lies are punishable, and even bannable. Be honest when an admin interrogates you to fix a situation.
All CK rules must be followed (CK and PK) to complete a CK, or PK.
Don't rushtaze, this includes tazing an armed player or taking your tazer while you have a gun in your hand.


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