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Prince Administration form

Post by crisjohn22 on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:20 am

Application format
Name IG:*Prince Xiu*
Name IRL:*Prince Xiu*
Function you apply for (mapper/scripter):*Administrator*
Some of your works:*N/A*
Amount of playing hours:*N/A*
Why do you want to become an administrator:*I have a experienced for being administrator in samp roleplay servers.Cause when i start being a roleplayer i enjoy it then i promote to become a level 1338 Administrator which is (Executive Admin) in PA:RP. If you trust me to become a administrator in your server well thanks*
Why should you become an administrator?:*As i said i have a experience for being an administrator in other roleplay server many player enjoy what i doing and im a active and a loyal player*
Country of birth:*Philippines*
Playing hours(per day):*(3-4) hours per day*


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